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The 4 Kinds of Gold Jewelry

By | source:Here Dec 24th, 2023

Gold Jewelry, the most popular and timeless of all jewelry, can range from simple to over-the-top. Depending on your style, budget and lifestyle preferences, you may want to consider these different types of gold jewelry:

Gold Plated Jewelry

Gold-plated jewelry is made from a base metal, such as brass or copper. The gold plating is a thin layer of real gold that gives the jewelry a shiny golden appearance. Gold-plated jewelry can be worn daily and is affordable, but it won’t last as long as solid gold pieces.

Gold Vermeil Jewelry

Gold vermeil is a form of jewelry that has the look of solid gold, but it’s actually made from sterling silver and plated with gold. The “vermeil” part comes from the French word for “golden”, so you can think of it as “gold-plated sterling silver”. Gold vermeil has become increasingly popular over the years because it offers many advantages.

Gold Filled Jewelry

Gold filled jewelry is not as expensive as solid gold, but it’s a good alternative if you’re looking to get started with gold jewelry. When compared to sterling silver, which is stamped with “925” on the back of each piece, gold filled pieces are stamped with “14K GF” or “18K GF”. Gold filled means that the interior of your piece has been dipped in molten fine grain gold, then mechanically bonded with heat and pressure so that it covers 100% of the surface area (excluding stones). This creates an outer layer that looks like real 24k yellow gold without any noticeable difference between them–except for one thing: durability! The thickness of this outer layer will vary depending on how much wear-and-tear your item receives over time; however, this does mean some things tend not last as long when compared against solid 14k yellow gold pieces.

Solid Gold Jewelry

Solid gold jewelry is the purest form of gold jewelry, as it is made from 100% gold. It’s more expensive than gold-plated and gold-filled jewelry but has a higher quality look and feel to it. Solid gold jewelry also tends to be more durable than other types of precious metal pieces, as there are fewer layers for wear and tear on your piece over time.

We hope you found this article helpful in learning about the different kinds of gold jewelry. If you’re still unsure about what kind of piece would suit your style best, we encourage you to visit one of our stores so we can help!