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The 13 Kinds of Dragons

By | source:Here Dec 19th, 2023

Dragons are one of the most popular mythological creatures in history. Their fearsome power, mysterious nature and long-lived lives have made them a source of fascination for centuries. Dragons have appeared in countless works of fiction, television shows and movies, as well as being featured as enemies in video games and even having their own board game! Despite their popularity, there are many kinds of dragons that people don’t know about. Here’s your guide to the 13 types:

1. Wyvern

Wyverns are the most common type of dragon, and they have a barbed tail and wings. They can be seen in the company of other dragons, often in mountainous regions such as the Alps or Himalayas. Wyverns are very territorial and will defend their territory from other dragons if necessary.

2. Feydragon

Feydragons are the offspring of a dragon and a fae. They’re often mistaken for dragonettes because they’re smaller than most dragons, but grow to be very large. Feydragons have long tails and wings like their parents, but their scales are soft and smooth like those of fairies.

3. Dragonette

Dragonette is a small dragon that’s the result of cross-breeding between dragons and wyverns. It has the body of a dragon, but its tail looks like it came from a wyvern. Dragonettes come in many colors–including red, green and black–and are usually quite friendly towards humans. Dragonettes can be found all over the world today; however they tend to live near water sources so they can hunt fish for food!

4. Basilisk

The basilisk is a type of dragon that can be found in the Middle East and Asia. It’s not very common, but it has a reputation for being able to turn people to stone with its gaze. The only way to kill one is with a sword made from pure silver or steel, so they’re pretty dangerous creatures–but that’s why we love them!

5. Dragon

In most cultures, dragons are depicted as reptilian creatures with wings. They can be found in all parts of the world and are often associated with myths and legends. Dragons are typically shown as having four legs and a long tail, but there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, in Chinese mythology dragons have fewer than four legs because they were said to descend from snakes that lost their limbs after being banished into water by a goddess named Nu Wa who wanted revenge on them for killing her husband Fu Xi (a figure similar to Adam). In Japanese folklore they’re also portrayed differently: while Western dragons tend towards being larger than humans or simply huge animals such as lions and dinosaurs; Eastern ones are usually smaller than humans–the size of large dogs–and have “scales” instead of fur or feathers (though there’s still plenty variation here).

6. Amphiptere

Amphiptere is a dragon with wings and legs. It’s a rare dragon that lives in the forest, but it can fly very fast. Amphiptere dragons are very small and they have scales on their bodies to protect them from predators. They also have sharp teeth!

7. Wyrm

Wyrms are the largest and most powerful of all dragons, but they are not as intelligent. They have the ability to breathe poison gas and have a poisonous bite, which makes them dangerous enemies in battle. Wyrms can be black or dark green in color, with horns on their heads that look like antlers (or “wyrms”).

8. Coatyl

Coatyls are desert creatures that resemble dragons. They have long tails, scales covering their bodies, and two horns on their heads. Coatyls can be red or gold in color.

9. Hydra

The hydra is a legendary serpentine chthonic water monster with many heads, usually in the neighborhood of nine. It is also often described as having legs and a tail, which may be another way to say it has more than one head. The word “hydra” comes from the ancient Greek word for “water”. The plural form is hydras or sometimes hydrus. A hydra can have up to 100 heads and once killed by Hercules in his second labour after being sent by Eurystheus who wanted him dead so he could become king of Mycenae

10. Arctic Dragon

Arctic dragons are small, white-coated creatures that live in the Arctic. They don’t breathe fire and have blue eyes, but they’re still pretty awesome!

11. Asian Dragon

The Asian dragon is a traditional Chinese dragon. It’s the most common type of dragon in Chinese mythology, and it has five claws on each foot. The Asian dragon can fly, swim, and breathe fire–a very useful skill when you’re trying to cook your dinner!

12. Sea Orc

The sea orc is a carnivorous dragon that lives in the ocean. It has a long tail, large head and sharp teeth. If you see one of these dragons, do not try to make friends with it! Sea Orcs are dangerous creatures who will eat anything they can find on the bottom of the ocean floor. They have been known to attack ships if they get too close to their homes under water (which is why people don’t like going there).

13. Drake

Drake is a type of dragon that lives in the sea. You can find drakes near coral reefs and other underwater environments, though they may sometimes venture onto land to hunt for food or mate. Drakes are carnivorous creatures who prey on fish, crustaceans and even other dragons if they’re hungry enough! Drakes are known for their vibrant colors–they come in a wide variety of hues including greenish-blue tones to bright orangey hues–but they also have some unique characteristics: each individual has its own unique patterning on its wings (called iridescence), which makes each one look different from every other one out there.

We hope you enjoyed our list of dragons. We know there are many more out there, but these are some of our favorites! If you have any suggestions for other kinds of dragons we should add or if there’s something else about these creatures that we didn’t cover in detail here (like how they came into existence), please let us know by leaving a comment below this post.