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Superhero Economics

By | source: Sep 30th, 2012

My inspiration for this infogrpahic, if I do say so myself, could not be more fitting. I have been asking: Rachel, gurrl, (in terms of the last couple of posts) â??Why so serious?!â? So Iâ??m showing an aspect of myself that is not so serious (and also REALLY AWESOME). I love superheroesâ?¦ who doesnâ??t? Spidey is my number one hon and then comes the Dark Knight. So when I saw this infographic, I nearly lost it.

Although you may be thinking, â??what does this have to do with anything in the world?â? it actually does. It shows that even super heroes belong to different parts of the economic brackets. This fact begs the question: does their class matter in terms of their fan base? The graphicâ??s consideration of taxes is particularly interesting and has a lot to do with the differing rhetoric flying around the U.S. today. Even though good olâ?? Bruce gives to many charitable organizations, does he really need all those 0â??s? It also delves into the money-making Hollywood did (before the last Spider-Man) by these two great heroes, which, to say the least, is a lot. Poor Webhead would never come close to making as much as Hollywood made on his story.

So the next time you think about superheroes, think of them as people and how they would operate within society. What is the affect on others of other, non-heroic actions they would perform? Have a good, restful, Sunday yâ??all! [via]