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Summer Fitness Trends YOU Need to Know About…

By | source:Here Feb 15th, 2022

Since the pandemic’s start, our normal way of life has been flipped upside down. The way we work, socialize, travel, and exercise do not look the same as two years ago, and it may never be the same again!

The fitness industry took a hard hit with lockdowns, gym closures and social distance measures in place. Meaning there was a huge shift in the way we worked out. Many people took to home workouts, including private classes and online sessions, while others headed outdoors to partake in outdoor swimming, hiking and group classes, including boot camps and walking or running groups. This shift has resulted in successful and popular summer trends. Read more here.

Of these changes, exercising at home has become a popular choice. While some choose to invest in extravagant home gyms, others make do with the most basic equipment like bands and dumbbells. There are endless opportunities for all types of people who want to work out at home. Furthermore, the vast availability of personal trainers makes (almost) any type of sport accessible from the comfort of your home.

For those who enjoy the great Australian outdoors, group HIIT classes and boot camps are a great way to socialize while hitting your fitness goals.