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Strange Laws Around The World

By | Feb 25th, 2015

Whether for vacation or business, traveling to foreign places means there’s going to be a change in culture, sometimes drastically. Hand signals can mean different things, clothing must be worn in certain ways, and sarcasm may be obsolete. Along with the change in culture comes a change in the actual laws of the foreign land.

I remember reading a book as a child about the weirdest laws in America. I remember how in Alabama, bear wrestling matches are forbidden. In Texas, one cannot lawfully sell their eyeballs. These weird laws can date back hundreds of years and usually don’t hold much clout in the eyes of law enforcement.

Today’s infographic spared me from the regular obscene laws and provided me with some very interesting, new facts. In Capri, Italy, there is a band on loud footwear. That wouldn’t go over too well here in Texas with all of our cowboy boots. Also, in Manila, Philippines, you may only drive your car six days out of the week. This is to help keep congestion down in the city. Personally, I think this is the smartest law ever enacted. It’s an instant reduction of vehicles on the road that not only leads to less traffic, but less environmental impact. Citations for breaking the law and increased public transportation revenue are also results of the ban. I’m going to have to bring this one to my own city’s attention.