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Staycation, all I ever wanted

By | source: Oct 23rd, 2012

Vacation or staycation? Staying in can be just as fun as getting far far away, if you do it right of course. Many are opting to vacation in their own cities, saving money, time and adding a whole lot of convenience. And often, you spend so much time in your daily routine, you miss out on local gems right in your back yard.

Vacation prices are enormous, costing an average of $1,180 a person. A pretty penny to most (including myself). And to add insult to injury, Americans receive an average of 14 vacation days a year and only use 12. Twelve measly days to span New Years, the kids’ spring break, summer vacation, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Take hold of our vacation days, Americans. Now is the time to take those two days off and have an adventure in your own back-yard. Staycation, have to get away. [Via]