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The State of the Internet Address

By | source: Jul 23rd, 2010

We all use the Internet. You’re even on it right now. It seems to be a vital part of our lives for almost all of us. Ever since Al Gore invented these series of tubes we’ve been able to expand our options of communication tenfold. Between Skype, instant messaging, and e-mail our world has changed. Still, new forms of communication are popping up all the time — see ChatRoulette. Communication isn’t the only thing the internet can do, it can also be a big time waster. I’ll always get on, check out my bookmarks, Facebook, Twitter, then somehow end up on StumbleUpon. An hour later I’m still stumbling across the web. The worst time to Stumble is right before you have class. I know I’m not the only one that once I pop I can’t stop. No matter how much I tell myself this is my last Stumble, it’s never the truth.

This graphic talks about how there is double the amount of bloggers that are 55-64 years old than bloggers 18-24. For some reason I can’t believe this. All the 55+ people I know can barley check their e-mail let alone publish content on their own website. We can agree to disagree this time Infographic, but next time you better double check your facts. I do believe you were right when you said more Scandinavians use the internet percentage wise than anywhere else in the world. What else is someone going to do there besides shovel snow, make jokes about Russia and watch the latest Jersey Shore online? I heard it is the happiest place on earth. [Via]