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Snake Oil? Scientific Evidence for Popular Health Supplements

By | source: Oct 25th, 2013

Looking into the empty house of a very wealthy friend–the house is huge, and empty. The first thought that enters my mind is â??wonder what these people have in their pantry and refrigerator?â? I snoop around and peek into the cupboard and to my surprise, there was no food just dietary supplements, vitamins, and many things I would consider snake oil products. So these wildly wealthy people, do not eat food, they just take super pills. Not only wealthy people buy into the superstitious nature of many snake oil products, traditional people will also have superstition with un-realistic health remedies. For example, when my mom was growing up, anytime she would have a cold, her Italian grandmother would force her to wear garlic cloves around her neck.

This infographic is beautiful and easy to understand. It would be a good picture for anyoneâ??s refrigerator, to remind you of what is useful and what is just trying to take your money. It is good to know that things like green tea, garlic, and dark chocolate all have scientific reasearch behind them. Too bad that copper and B vitamins are looking to be a little bit overplayed. There is a really great interactive infographic that also explains what diseases the supplements are known to help with.