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Smuggling Cocaine With a Submarine

By | source: Sep 2nd, 2011

We’ve all had the urge to get a one way ticket to Venezuela to help man a submarine for thousands of miles. Now you will know a little more of what to expect. Drug cartels have gotten extremely sophisticated now. Some of the submarines are upwards of 2 million dollars taking months of constant construction by over a dozen workers.

One third of all cocaine in America is brought by submarine. Isn’t it scary that criminals can sneak into our borders with a sub? It could carry anything. We just gotta hope it sticks to cocaine I guess.

It would be cool to be on a submarine, one that wasn’t smuggling thousands of pounds of an illegal substance. I scuba dive and that’s great but diving extremely deep is reserved for capsules. I bet if there isn’t already an autonomous drug smuggling sub, there is some cartel leader who already has plans to make one. Not having to pay for a crew and supplies would saves hundreds of thousands of dollars. [Via]