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Sitcom Cribs: Could Your Favorite TV Characters Actually Afford Their Home?

By | source: Jan 5th, 2015

The cost of living has been a big issue in national politics lately; the minimum wage debate rages on. Some believe in the market to set the wages, while others are more inclined to raise the minimum wage to more than double the national average. That’s right – in a few years, the state of Washington’s minimum wage will be $15 an hour. That’s a lot of money for flipping burgers, but the market can also cause wages to increase drastically. In small oil-booming towns, McDonald’s can pay up to $15 an hour.

Let’s move away from politics though, and into the fantasy world of television. Our old friend Homer Simpson seems to be one of the more well-off characters that we’ve listed below. With affordable living being at 30 percent of one’s monthly income, Homer dominates by only spending about 15 percent of income on living. Other TV stars aren’t so lucky. Full House is devastated when San Francisco’s housing boom is taken into account. With modern day prices, even Don Draper of Mad Men would be spending too much on living, although I’d say it’s worth it to live in his homes.

Our TV stars seem to have good jobs and no one is living on minimum wage. Well, then there’s It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Who knows how that crew pays rent. [via]