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Schools Out, But The Doctor’s In

By | source: Dec 17th, 2011

No matter how easy to avoid it’s said to be, college students are still finding ways to contract STD’s. I know that life happens to even the best of us, but according to the alarming statistics in the infographic below, “life” is happening to a lot more students than I thought.

Trojan Brand Condoms studied 141 major colleges and compiled a report card rating the schools from best to worst in sexual health. This recent study also showed that 1 out of every 4 students have an STD.

25% of students having an STD sounded outlandish to me at first. I don’t think I can even name 1 of my friends who have an STD. But I also figured that not everyone would share their personal health information so freely, especially with something of that magnitude. The infographic also gives four tips to improve your sexual health, one of which was “use protection”. Shocker.

I personally think the numbers are a bit off the mark, but STD’s on college campuses are still a major concern of mine. And there were some surprise schools listed in the top half of the report card.  What do you think? Gripe, complain, air your grievances! [Via]