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The Scary Reality Behind Antibiotic Resistance

By | source:Here Sep 24th, 2019

You might think it’s hard to come up with a horror story in two words, but it’s actually quite simple: antibiotic resistance. The very idea sends a chill down the spine, but it’s no horror fantasy. Antibiotic resistance is a growing problem, and it’s one that the world needs to prepare for before it’s too late.

On the one hand, technology might make us live forever, but the future could also hold perils that we are not prepared for. Antibiotic resistance is one of the most frightening possibilities. It stems from antibiotics being given to sick people or animals and the treatment kills most bacteria, while a few strains of resistant bacteria stay alive. Those resistant strains multiply, and the diseases become more difficult to treat.

Not all bacteria are created equal, and there are a few different types that are at risk of becoming resistant to antibiotics. MRSA is perhaps the best-known as the cause of many terrifying hospital outbreaks, while CPE is a digestive bacteria which could pose a huge risk to farm animals.

However, some steps are being taken to minimize or prevent antibiotic resistance. The sale of antibiotics for livestock has decreased by 1.1% over the past year. Hopefully, it’s not too little change, too late.