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Presidents on the Move

By | source: Feb 17th, 2012

As this year’s presidential race heats up it is always good to take a look back at some of our country’s previous leaders. Today’s infographic shows the two most recent and two least recent presidents, as well as where they took up residency throughout their lives. As for myself, I can only call Texas and Louisiana my home. I don’t feel bad though. George Washington only lived in 3 states, and I’ve got a good chance I’ll stick around his number.

Another interesting aspect of today’s graphic is how much Obama and Bush have traveled compared to the founding fathers. We have become a nation of fifty different states that span thousands of miles. There is no surprise that good guy George couldn’t traverse the present US with such limited technology. Modern travel is so amazing our current president has resided in areas like Hawaii, New York City and the two most important Washingtons: State and DC.

Bush is not as worldly as Obama and has only resided in Texas outside New England. He got to see the different sides of the lone star state from our desert to the sea. I’m sure he’s ridden the West Texas sands dunes, experience Houston’s hellish humidity and did whatever there’s to do in Dallas, but I’m not sure if his time in Texas helped his foreign policy.

There are a lot of different cultures within America and having a president that has experienced a few different ones is a must for me. I’d like to see some other presidential residential maps to see if any of them can compare to newest Mr. President. [MyMove]

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