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Picturing Your Big Day: The Ultimate Guide To Photographing Your Wedding

By | source:Shutterfly Sep 25th, 2015

Weddings have become more lavish and intricate over the years with brides and grooms hoping their big day goes off perfectly. The best way to remember this important time is to have a talented photographer document the day. From hair and makeup, to the exchange of vows, and finally to the reception, all parts of the wedding are pivotal for a photographer to capture.

Today’s infographic covers every aspect of photography needed during the wedding. Even having a social media buzz around your big day is important for sharing pictures taken by all attendees. Have a hashtag of the bride and groom’s names so there’s a large collection available online immediately.

Hire a professional photographer for the group pictures and action shots. Make sure their portfolio is up to snuff, but not that they cost so much they rip you off. Remember to just have fun at your wedding – natural smiles are the most photogenic.