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A Visual Introduction To The Planets In Our Solar System

By | source:Here Apr 1st, 2021

We all grew up looking at the stars. But really, how many of those stars were actually planets near to us in our own solar system?

This infographic from NASA is a handy guide to stock up on fun facts about the planets, including scientific facts, classifications, and some interesting details about their names. Not too long ago, Pluto was still considered a planet, and this chart will be a total lifesaver to parents who want to keep up with the current status quo as far as celestial bodies go.

Some of the largest visible objects in the night sky are not actually stars, but our fellow planets that, despite being way smaller than any star could be, due to their proximity with Earth look much larger. Much like Earth, they also have their own natural satellites and we, on occasion, also get to see them—although most often with the help of a telescope, if not flat-out directly from science sources.

There is a lot to discover in our solar system still, and it is certain that this infographic will need to be updated in the future, but for the time being, we can feel pretty at ease that it’s a thorough summary of the most interesting facts about our sibling planets. Enjoy!