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Online Gambling Guide: UK vs Canadian

By | source:Here May 19th, 2023

Online gamblers in both the UK and Canada share a common profile, typically male individuals aged between 30 and 44 who show a strong preference for sports betting. Interestingly, the demographic similarities between the two countries are quite striking, although subtle differences emerge when you delve deeper into factors such as age, gender, and personality type preferences. 

Age comparison 

  • UK and Canada have different age demographics in their online gambling markets. 
  • In the UK, the largest age group is between 35 and 54 years old. 
  • In Canada, many online gamblers are under the age of 25. 
  • This indicates a much younger demographic compared to the UK. 

Gender comparison   

  • Online gambling is predominantly a male activity in both the UK and Canada. 
  • Respondents in the study were required to have prior experience with online gambling. 
  • This likely contributed to the male-dominated sample. 
  • The findings may not be generalizable to the broader population due to the sample bias. 

Age players started gambling 

  • Participants in the UK had their first gambling experience at an average age of 24. 
  • Participants in Canada had their first gambling experience at an average age of 26. 
  • A small number of participants in both countries reported having their first gambling experience before the age of 18. 
  • Some participants reported having their initial experience as young as 8 years old, with more in Canada than the UK. 

The preferred form of gambling   

  • Sports betting was the most popular game among respondents in both countries. 
  • In Canada, 62% of respondents enjoyed sports betting, followed by slots and card games. 
  • In the UK, 83% of respondents enjoyed sports betting, followed by slots and bingo. 



Online gambling markets in the UK and Canada share many similarities, particularly concerning the demographic profile of their users. Both countries have a strong male presence, with a preference for sports betting. However, there are also some notable differences between the two markets, such as the age of their users and the specific games they enjoy. Understanding these differences is essential for businesses looking to enter or expand into either market. As the online gambling market continues to grow and evolve, the top online casinos are expected to remain a dominant force.