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One Nation Under Hops

By | source: Apr 24th, 2012

As a college student, the funds are limited but the beer is plentiful. Beer becomes a priority for most of my friends. Sure we drink a lot of Budweiser and miller to cut costs, but with the explosion of independent breweries the trend has moved towards trying many different beers. I type this sitting across from a mantel covered in beer bottles, and no two bottles are the same including seven varieties of Shiner, St. Arnolds and Stash IPA, to name a few. In addition, one of our favorite bars is Flying Saucer, a bar that boasts 240+ different beers and awarding each member a “saucer” of their own after trying 200 different beers.

These small, independent, traditional craft breweries produce tasty, hip beers that are gaining loyal customers. Craft breweries have grown faster than the beer industry as a whole, and us adventerous beer drinkers couldn’t be happier. Infographers, what is your favorite beer? Mine is Shiner Ruby Redbird, and I couldn’t be happier for it’s summertime availability.