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10 Crazy Inventions You’ve Never Seen

By | source:Here Jun 29th, 2020

With so many bright and inspired minds in the world today, the market is bound to be saturated with some inventions that are a bit odd.

Today’s infographic compiles ten inventions that were meant for homes but were simply too bizarre to flourish for too long. The reasons for why these products failed vary, from major inefficiency to overall ineffectiveness.

Some of these are far more outrageous than others. For instance, the ‘baby window cage’ depicted in this infographic is an almost objectively bad invention. Considered a space-saving solution for families in crowded cities in the 1930s, this invention was meant to be a cage placed on the outside of a window in your home, which you then put your child into! That’s right, you were supposed to put a real, baby human into this thing! This is likely the most dangerous invention depicted in this infographic.

In other cases, some inventions simply seemed to be too ahead of their time. Look at the “phone answering robot”. This invention is exactly what the name implies and would likely be very useful right now, but with the limited technology of the 1950s, it simply wasn’t practical to attempt to put out an invention like this.

I covered two of these odd inventions, but there are still eight more to discover for yourself, so be sure to read through the rest of today’s infographic!