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Occupation Preoccupations

By | source: Jan 19th, 2014

Working a 9-to-5 is something that most of can relate to. Every day is either good or bad or bleh! But regardless of whatever the work day has in store for us, we seem to always let our minds get ahead of us. Our minds often ramble on about the most random things. Unfortunately, this means that our minds are not engaged in our work. That’s okay though.

Not all of us need to be 100% in our work everyday of the week. It’s definitely okay to ponder on who would be your best your ally when the zombie apocalypse strikes while you are at work. I have run this scenario and many like it countless times in my head, as I am sure many of you all do too. Zombies are potentially a real threat so it is important to think about what you might do and who you might partner with in the office.

Also a grave concern in the work place; realizing that you work too much! Sure you have bills to pay! We all do, hello?! But don’t stress about it. You got it covered homie. Don’t be that work-a-holic that stays late and ends up late to the party in your work clothes. Keep those at home.

While at work, ponder on the fact that you are dope as hell and that you have a life to live after the monotony. [via]