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Not Maid of Money

By | source: Jun 22nd, 2011

This summer presented a perfect opportunity for me to see behind the curtain of a typical wedding (and laugh hysterically at what I saw) as the movie Bridesmaids opened and one of my good friends was maid of honor in a wedding. Art parodies life, as so often happens, and my friend basically was Kristen Wiigâ?¦without the loser boyfriend and the food poisoning. She spent, stressed, and visited many sketchy themed stores. Todayâ??s infographic breaks down the expenses of a typical bridesmaid as well as issuing some sage advice for both Bridezillas and would-be bridesmaids.

According to the guesstimated figures of a typical wedding, $1,695 is the average expense born by the bridesmaid leading up to the wedding. I canâ??t even mock that. Further down, some ideas are given to help curb both cost and animosity. It seems reciprocal communication is a vital key to planning a wedding that neither bankrupts the wedding party nor strains relationships. [Via]