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“Nightmares” On Restaurant Street

By | source:Here Oct 28th, 2017

My absolute favorite holidays of the year revolve around food.  Thanksgiving feasts and trick or treat candy top the list, though don’t forget the sensory uses of food: peeled grapes for eyeballs and cold noodles for worms.  Otherwise I find Halloween to be a bit jarring with all the blood and guts, plus the stress of having to find a trendy costume that’s topical and fun.  And at the end of the day I just want to not have to cook dinner and have a drink.

Going out to eat isn’t necessarily straightforward, especially if going out at the same time as everyone else.   The best restaurants have waiting lines out the door, but hunger is going to affect your patience.   Now that everyone’s walking around with little computers in their pockets, figuring out what restaurants are available should be a bit easier.

If you run a restaurant, then you have probably come across the scenarios in today’s sponsored post. For example, wait times can be notoriously inaccurate.  This either prompts customers to leave because the quoted time was too long, or gets them agitated as they wait far beyond the expected time.  Overall a negative start to the dining experience. So, what is the solution? Hook everyone up with technology to improve the communication.  Then get on with what you do best, feeding your customers!