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Netflix and Chill: How The Streaming Service Helps Relationships

By | source:Here May 1st, 2017

I can still remember the days before Netflix when we’d go to Blockbuster to pick the perfect movie for a weekend. Life seemed much simpler then.

Now, it’s all about movie dates without having to leave the house. But what do you do if you and your crush have different taste in entertainment?

1 in 4 people think that having the same taste in television shows and movies is important, and 60% of people have watched shows to attract a potential suitor.

I share pretty much everything with my partner, but it took me a while to give him my passwords. Half of people think sharing a Netflix password means the relationship is serious, and 17% of people won’t share their passwords until they’re engaged or married.

58% of people in relationships have bonded over Netflix and say the streaming service has strengthened their relationship, and 65% of people have engaged in negotiations over picking shows. (I know this struggle––I prefer crime documentaries, and my husband is a comedy guy.)

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