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Marijuana and your Brain

By | source: Mar 3rd, 2012

Marijuana. Legalize it or not? Thatâ??s the question many states are debating; whether to legalize the recreational or medical use of Mary Jane. The arguments that marijuana is an addictive substance and can act as a gateway to harder drugs are top reasons why legalization probably hasnâ??t happened yet.

I honestly have mixed feelings about the topic. I just canâ??t seem to commit to a concrete stance on my option on the legalization of marijuana.  It would be a strange to imagine a world where marijuana was de-criminalized. I seriously cannot put a picture to it. Although, I feel like life would be so much more simple and just.

A good way to begin picturing a world with legalized marijuana would be to learn how weed affects the brain. Todayâ??s infographic color codes the brain as it is affected by the substance. It seems that most areas of the brain affected only produces positive effects from weed. From curing pain to reducing nausea, weed seems to offer more perks than what most people would think. Although increased appetite might be a negative effect for those who are trying to lose some extra weight for spring break.

So there ya go, a small peak at which parts of the brain weed affects. Go out and spread the word so maybe you can help someone else gain better insight to the positive and negative affects of marijuana. [via]