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Making Your Stove Glass As Clean As New!

By | source:Here Sep 20th, 2022

Is your stove glass beginning to look a little dirty and unsightly? Over time, regular use of your stove can result in soot and other debris building up and blocking the view of your flames. This can occur with any stove, no matter whether it is the latest model on the market or a classic option you have used for years.

The most common cause for this soot is using the wrong fuel or incorrectly burning your fire. This causes more smoke than is necessary, which increases the build-up of soot and results in your glass needing cleaning more frequently. To reduce the number of times you need to clean your stove glass, you should burn dry wood or low sulphur coal.

Of course, even if you do burn the right fuel, soot will still build up and prevent you from seeing the flames flicker through the glass. That is why it is important to keep on top of your cleaning so you can always enjoy your stove as it was designed.

Cleaning your stove is very easy, but before you begin the process, we recommend wearing a pair of protective gloves whenever you handle the glass. The first step of the process is to wipe the glass down using a damp cloth, as this will remove any loose dirt and soot. Once you have done that, you can then move on to the stronger glass cleaners. This will help to ensure that you are able to remove any of the baked-in soot – just remember to avoid getting any of it on the rope seal, as this could cause it to become contaminated and require it to be replaced.

Once you have thoroughly cleaned your glass and it is looking as clean as the day you bought it, you can then replace it. It is always best to leave it for 24 hours to ensure that it is completely dry before you use the burner again.

As you are cleaning your glass, if you notice that there it is cracked or damaged in any way, then you should replace it. Trying to use broken stove glass can be very dangerous, so it is crucial that you replace it with brand new glass.