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Mac People vs PC People

By | source: Apr 22nd, 2011

My first computer was a mac and all I ever used it for was to play DinoPark Tycoon. Ever since then I’ve always been a PC person until college. When I graduated I didn’t want the temptation of playing video games on a PC laptop, so I went to Apple. I love my mac. I have never had a computer that has worked this well for this long, although I still hate Macs mostly the company behind them. A PC is such a more versatile computer. Mac has pretty limited capability and is way too overpriced, but now I’ll stop the computer war and get on to today’s infographic.

Those Mac vs PC commercials really seem to have caught the demographic they were looking for after taking a gander at this graphic. Young, hip, vegetarian liberals seem to be the number one mac fans. I’d say that guy on the commercial looks vegetarian. This graphic seems to stress the fact that mac users like design and art, but these art enthusiasts are not just amateur fans. There are a bunch of software from Adobe and other companies that specifically use macs and have for years and years. This software is usually about art, design, film editing, et cetera. This is probably the main reason why Mac users are so artsy. [Via]