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Lost Smartphones Really Add Up

By | source: Apr 15th, 2012

It’s a situation that, at one point or another, has almost definitely happened to all of us or someone we know: you’ve lost your phone. Most people would like to think that they’re (at the very least) pretty careful with their expensive technological devices, but there are still a very large number of people who lose their phones on a daily basis.

I’ve lost my phone once or twice before and while it honestly did feel nice not to be tethered to it for a while, before too long it was kind of a pain, not just to have a big outlet of communication cut off but also to have the thing replaced.

Today’s infographic was co-created by by Lookout, which is a growing service that aids mobile customers in finding their lost smartphones. According to the company, the value of the phones that are projected to be lost in 2012 is astounding: $30 billion. $30 billion! I don’t know about most of our readers, but I could definitely use the money potentially given up by losing this convenient little device.

More information on the statistics of the lost phones can be found on the infographic below and at