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Locked Up: World Prison System

By | source: Aug 2nd, 2010

You ever been to jail? I haven’t, and it isn’t on my to-do list. I bet you didn’t like it very much. Just a guess… Maybe if you weren’t in America you wouldn’t have been locked up. We Americans seem to think hard time equals model citizen. The rest of the world disagrees.

The US, China and Russia have over half of all prisoners worldwide. I think it is time for a change on how we discipline our criminals. I heard Denmark just sends their murderers out to a logging company where they’re forced to be a lumberjack for a few years before they can be let loose on society. The 50 states could try that, or just make our millions of prisoners power our country with hamster wheels. I’ve also always been a fan of rehabilitation by way of Outward Bound. You know those kids won’t be missing their curfew anymore after that adventure.

Prison looks so scary. We all have those days where you wake up and no one is home, you make lunch, head over to the telly and flip it on to see Nat Geo’s Lockdown is playing. They interview some of the creepiest killers in our fine nation. These people will never see the light of freedom ever again, yet they live on; adopting the prison lifestyle because it is all they have left.

The prison system is one of the greatest unmoral and inhumane in America and somebody needs to do something about it. Not me, I’ll just blog about it. [Via]