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Why We Should Go Back To Basic And Greener Ways

By | source:Here Nov 12th, 2020

In our modern world, there is an increasing interest in finding healthy and sustainable ways to feed ourselves. With the rising costs of living in the cities, the difficulties brought on by pollution and traffic, the fact that food deserts often make it difficult to find fresh ingredients, it is no surprise that solutions that include the ability to actually grow and consume your own fresh food are gaining popularity!

There are, of course, a lot of eco-friendly US cities, but agrihoods offer a new option for those that are looking for a more radical solution and who think they might enjoy getting back to nature, allowing people to reconnect with a simpler life, and find themselves in a peaceful environment.

These agrihoods remind me of the hippie communes from the 60s, but the planning around them seems sustainable and realistic in a way that might be a great option for the long term. Especially considering the challenges we’ll face as climate change makes some things more difficult, it’s no wonder more people are turning to this nature-focused lifestyle.

Smaller communities that can sustain themselves are very similar to the way society worked in ancient history, but still include all the comforts and safety of modern life? Sign me up!