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An Expert’s Guide To The Jewish Deli

By | source:Here Dec 1st, 2019

There are few places with as many tasty choices as a Jewish deli, but do you know your blintzes from your bialys? This handy guide is here to help you order like a pro, and never miss out on the most delicious snacks.

Every country has delicious snacks of its own, but few locations are as ubiquitous as the classic Jewish deli. The first Jewish deli in America opened in 1888 in New York, and since then, delicatessens- roughly translated from German as ‘delicious things to eat’- have been culinary staples.

When it comes to Jewish deli staples, you can’t skip the deliciously fishy. From pickled herring to lox (cured salmon), seafood is often served marinated, smoked, or in other tangy dishes. It pairs beautifully with borscht, Russian beet soup, which can be served hot or cold.

There’s also an endless choice of pastries and desserts to tempt your sweet tooth. Challah is an enriched, brioche-like bread, often braided and filled with raisins. While you munch on your meal, try a chocolate egg cream. Of course, don’t forget dessert! Try getting a rugelach–cookies made of pastry dough, rolled around a sweet filling, often apricot jam or chocolate. Ultimately, the best rule is to follow your senses and be adventurous, because you can’t order wrong.