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What We’re Obsessed With On Our Phones

By | source:Here Aug 9th, 2018

For many of us, our smartphones provide a pretty good snapshot of our lives. It has personal contacts, important account information, and perhaps even sensitive content stored on it. They’re also constantly in our hands, having become major or minor addictions for many.  On computers it’s common to have security programs like firewalls that help protect online information, but security precautions are less common on our phones.Should we be more worried about mobile security? Today’s infographic shows results from a survey asking respondents how concerned they are with mobile phone safety and how much they care about convenience when it comes to mobile purchases.

Do you have a pass code on your lock screen? If you do, you are with the majority of people. 90% of respondents said they have a pass code, while only 10% said they don’t, so it seems like most people at least want to protect their phones from anyone who would try to break in via physical means.

Does anyone care about phone hacking through the internet? Data breaches have gotten bigger and spread to larger companies in the last decade.  But the consensus seems to be no, at least when it comes to online purchasing. Maybe it is because people trust most online retailers not to steal information, but nonetheless, 66% of respondents said they don’t think of internet security before purchasing online.

Despite the relaxed attitude towards mobile phone security, there is a substantial amount of information at stake. Most people use either credit card or PayPal to pay for online purchases, accounts which could be liable for more than we’d like to risk.

What do you think about mobile security? Would you rather have easy one-tap purchases at the cost of security, or would you have to jump through more hoops when buying things to make sure your information is protected?