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Is College Still Worth It?

By | source: May 4th, 2013

For most American high school graduates college is a no brainer. It is what youâ??re â??supposedâ? to do after high school. We spend thousands of dollars to get a degree that, in todayâ??s economy, may or may not get us a job. Some of us donâ??t even know what we are going to study. We blindly step onto campus hoping that something will pop out at us as interesting. When nothing catches our fancy, we settle for business, communication, or some other general degree. Alas, here we are, kicked out into the world of specialization when we are Jacks of all trades and masters at none.

Finals will end soon, and the metamorphosis from undergraduate to graduate is around the corner for many young adults. Was the 4 (or more) years really worth the money and sweat spent on an education? Should high school graduates be pushed into trade school where they can learn specialized skills to actually land them a job? There is no direct answer, but the thought is definitely worth considering.