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How To Survive Your Next Plane Trip

By | source:Here Aug 8th, 2019

We’ve all had our fair share of eh-hem…interesting…experiences at the airport, am I right?

I know I have experienced one or two (or ten.) From jetting from seemingly one end of the airport to the other, to having to take out one more whatever out of one of my bags to make it fit in the overhead bin—I’ve been there. While there are plenty of travel suggestions out there on the internet to help make your trip more memorable (in a not awful way,) some of these in this common sense airport hacks infographic are pretty comical.

So many of those suitcases on the conveyor belt in baggage claim look the same. Make yours stand out! The suggestion here is to paint an elaborate portrait on your rollabout. Just to think—all this time, I’d been putting a colorful ribbon on my baggage handle to make differentiate it from all the others. Ha!

If at all possible, try to place your containers of 3.4 ounces of liquid in a clear plastic bag before entering the checkpoint. Enough said. Conveniently, many seats at airport terminal gates have outlets in the middle of the chairs. However, some do not. One tip that I have yet to try is to bring a power splitter in order to charge multiple devices. Or better yet, you can share one side of the power splitter with someone else who needs it and perhaps make a new connection.

Hey, when your flight has been delayed twice, you’re running off of three hours of sleep, and your bag is headed to Florida while you’re headed to California, maybe a new friend could help brighten your journey just a little bit.