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How to Spot a Douchebag

By | source: Dec 29th, 2011

Sup bro? Today Daily Infographic will be showing you how to sort out the douchebags from real people. I will start by admitting that I follow 3 of these 19 characteristics, and I’ll let you try to figure out which ones. (Hint: I hate pointless ‘cool-looking’ tattoos with no meaning.) If you only follow a few of these like me, I wouldn’t worry too much, you’re probably just borderline douche. However, If you follow more than 5 of these, people will most likely label you as a douchebag, and chances are you are one. But I’m not here to judge anyone. To all the douchebags out there reading: don’t worry brah, they’re just haters.

If you read this infographic and suddenly realize you’re a douchebag, don’t panic. There is a cure. True douchebags will never admit that they are douches, and if you simply admit to being a douchebag you are free from the disease. Who’s the douchiest douche? Post a comment below with your nomination and why. My nomination goes to Rick Perry. I will not comment on his political agenda, he simply has the best ‘douche face’. [Via]