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How to Get a Deal on a Private Jet

By | Aug 16th, 2016

You might not think a private jet is something you’d ever be able to fly on but you might be surprised.

The advantages of a private jet over commercial air travel are obvious – you aren’t flying with hordes of strangers, you don’t have to wait in long lines with even more strangers, and apparently you can bring all the hand luggage you want.

Chartering a private jet makes the most sense if you’re traveling with a sizable group; the fee for the plane is split between more people and is therefore cheaper for each person. This could be good for company trips, or just a huge get together or party.

Flying empty legs, where the plane has been chartered one way and has to fly back anyway so they sell cheaper tickets on the flight back, sounds like a great strategy. If you could find an empty leg and split the cost of the plane between everyone in your group you’d get a really great deal. The only potential problem is finding another empty leg to fly back on.

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