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How to Digital Nomad Like a Boss

By | source:NeoMam Studios May 15th, 2016

I’ll bet you 10 bucks this infographic was made by an American Millennial on a Macbook Air in a cafe in Marseilles. What I’m saying is that this infographic is exactly the kind of thing a digital nomad would get paid to create. Digital content is a big deal, and infographics are the king of digital content. Well maybe videos are the king, but infographics are, like, a duke at least.

The note in the infographic about the majority of digital nomads being a Generation Y/Millennials is astute. The list of skills presented – tech-savvy, confident with social media, programming, web design, etc. – is heavily skewed in favor of people who grew up with the internet and smart devices. There’s another thing that Gen Y has going for it – age. Millennials are young enough to have the energy and desire to be constantly on the go, and old enough that that parents no longer have any say in the matter. It will be interesting to watch the development of a well connected diaspora of digital nomads who settled down somewhere on their travels. I’ll bet you another 10 on that one.

Should you so happen to be a digital nomad, here’s the top 10 Digital Branding Trends in 2015 for you to reflect upon and think about what 2016 may hold. Keep it fresh, my fellows.