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6 Simple Guide To Deciding Faster And Better

By | source:Here Apr 26th, 2022

You never have enough time in the day, do you? You feel like you’re always up against a wall with so many things on your to-do list that you don’t know where to start. Let me show you how to quickly break down your options into what’s good and bad and then make a decision that’ll get stuff done by making faster decisions.

Deciding faster and better requires you to have a system in place. A good decision-making system allows you to learn from the past, make good choices for the present and plan effectively for the future. The following is a simple guide that can help you decide faster and better: Limit your options, Draw a hard line between good and bad, Listen to the gut feeling, Think of your time as money, Know that decisiveness grows with each decision and Remember that indecision kills.