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Sustainable Paper from Plantation to Product

By | source: Sep 25th, 2012

No matter where you stand, sustainability is an important issue. We must protect the earth if we want it to protect us. Efforts to use a little more sensibly are popping up all over the place. From the new, eco friendly plates and silverware in the college cafeteria to the prevalence of reusable grocery bags, the citizens are teaming up to combat unnecessary waste.

Today’s infographic gives us a peek inside how sustainable paper is made. Renewable trees from Indonesia have a cycle of 6 years, compared to the long North American cycle of 70 to 80 years. These trees can be planted, harvested, replanted and re-harvested in just 6 short years, making them extremely productive. We are then taken through the stages of paper production, from the lab to the mills and then shipped out for us to enjoy.

Are you making an effort to give our environment a helping hand?