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How Kids Have Dealt With Covid-19

By | source:Here Mar 2nd, 2021

With UK schools being closed for several months in 2020, questions have been raised around children’s education and overall wellbeing. James Villas surveyed a selection of children about what they did in 2020 and what they thought about the lockdowns.

Traditional schooling wasn’t available for the majority of children during the national lockdown period, but for everything that the lockdown took away from the children, the sample highlighted that they had made some special family memories during this time. With more parents working from home, children spent more time with their parents or guardians, compared with 2019. Some even stating that being home-schooled by their parents was their highlight of last year.

Overall, the children concluded that family communication improved, but this was at the detriment of friendship, as 46% of children said they spent less time talking to friends.

With a stay-at-home order in place, children noted that their outside time had been limited, with one exception, family walks were popular in 2020.

Children spending more time playing inside is no surprise to anyone, but this infographic highlights what they spent their time doing and how this compared with the previous year.

With another school closure in place, this infographic is a timely reminder that although children are missing out on what is seen as traditional education, treasured memories are being made with their families during this time.

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