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Frightening Facts of American Home Invasions

By | source: Jul 9th, 2010

That one night when you wake up to a loud crashing noise downstairs and you just know someone has broken in. You reach for your baseball bat under the night stand, throw on your snuggie and rush down to beat the crap out of the perpetrator. You swing violently into the dark to sounds of smashing glass and feel liquid encroach on your bare toes. After a moment of silence you flick on the light to find a gigantic hole in your wall, red stains all over your brand-new carpet and one smashed to hell pitcher. What a lose-lose situation. Now, as most kool-aid man breaking and entering’s end up with a 90% refreshment rate — real home invasions have a 38% assault rate. Here are some more stats on the crime in our homes. [Via]