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History Of IoT

By | source:IoT solutions Oct 7th, 2018

IoT surrounds you every day, even if you do not notice it. What comes to mind first when thinking of IoT? Perhaps wearables or smart home devices like smart refrigerators. But IoT is not limited to them. You are likely to not even notice the presence of Internet of Things solutions in your life, but they are nearly everywhere.

Even though IoT started becoming more of a recognizable term in recent years,  its history has its roots in the 19th century. Back then nobody knew about IoT, and the only device that resembled modern communication devices was the telegraph. It provided people with direct communication and laid the foundation for interconnectedness.

The development of Internet of Things devices started with the appearance of computers in the 1950s. With the advent of networking and the internet, remotely connected devices paved the way for even more interesting and useful applications.

It seems as though there are endless possibilities for connected devices. Technology can complement nearly every task, from simple equipment status monitoring to complex remote management.

The growth of the industry triggered the establishment of research labs, conferences, and symposiums. As more and more data is gathered, companies have even more novel ways to approach IoT.

Instead of just connecting people, the internet and networking can connect things.  We’ve all been looking forward to smarter homes, let’s take a look at the progression in today’s infographic.