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Here Are Some Unusual Ways To Tie Your Shoes

By | source:Here Jan 15th, 2017

I’m not much of a sneaker person myself, but when I do wear lace-up shoes, I tie them in the simplest way possible. I didn’t realize how much of a novice I was until I saw this chart.

This infographic provides 14 different ways to lace your shoes, ranging from slightly innovative to nearly impossible. The most unconventional among the methods is the “footbag,” which features parallel lines of lace on either side of the tongue. A close runner-up: The “lattice,” which seems complicated.

If you’re looking for creative placement of your bow, look no further than the “riding bow,” which ties in the middle of the shoe. If you have fat laces, the “checkerboard” can create the illusion that you don’t have any laces at all, while the “hidden knot” method creates a very neat, parallel bar look to your laces.

I’ll probably stick to sloppily knotting my shoes on my way out the door, but I’m glad to have some new inspiration for days where I feel a little creative.

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