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Have You Ever…

By | source: Feb 8th, 2012

Hunch has done it again. How can you resist looking at a breakdown of how 80 million Hunch users answered questions like “Have you ever ridden a segway?” You might be pleased to know that only 7% answered yes to that question. I also like knowing that 62% of respondents have written a poem that wasn’t for a school assignment.

Some of the “have you ever?” questions covered in the infographic go into even more detail. I know I’m fixating on the segway question, but apparently, that 7% who said yes are more likely to juggle and ride in hot air balloons and less likely to use a PC or brake at a yellow light. Maybe I have had this all wrong. Segway riders sound like an adventurous lot, and I commend them.

Though just a small glimpse, today’s infographic taps into one perk of the internet’s widespread network: access. Enjoy! [via]