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Have a Cricket – They’re Nice and Crunchy

By | source:The Guardian May 2nd, 2016

Eating bugs is a big topic these days. I’ll admit that I find the idea more than a little gross, but I’ll also admit that that’s almost certainly due to culture rather than reality. There are many other cultures that I could have been born into in which I would have grown up eating bugs and be like “Duh it’s good, pass the chocolate covered bees.”

According to this infographic, the Ghanian people make termites in to bread, which must be crazy high in protein, because termites have more protein per kilogram than beef does! A caterpillar has more twice as much protein in a kilogram than eggs do, and even a little bit more than salmon. That’s a lot of protein.

The case for eating insects is pretty compelling considering they’re nutrient dense and it seems that farming them would be much less hard on the environment. Assuming, that is, that we don’t find an industrial method of insect farming that makes things worse.

Speaking of making things worse, you might not like the idea of bugs on your plate, but I bet you also don’t like the idea of them swarming all over your christmas tree. Too bad, because with live trees, that’s the reality of the situation. Find out which bugs you bring in every winter in this infographic.