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Funniest Deaths

By | source: Jan 22nd, 2012

Death isnâ??t exactly an event most would consider funny (at least by contemporary western standards). Still, it happens literally all the time. The possibilities for deathâ??s circumstances are dependent on an infinite amount of variables in every individualâ??s life. These variables collide in absurd, funny (albeit, darkly funny) ways more often than you would think.

In fact, as this infographic reveals, quite a few people have actually died laughing. The old expression has its root in history! This however, is probably the least ridiculous way to die listed below.

Among the top seven in the infographic are Death by Flaming Fart, Death by Sausage, and Death by Breasts. Some of them are far out, some obscene, some just silly, and some ironic.

My favorites are the particularly ironic ones, such as the inventor strangled by his own invention. That poetic irony has a way of cinching up a lifetime ever-so-perfectly. But that just might be the English major in me talking.

Anyway, I hope you are as amused by this collection of crazy circumstances as I was. (via)