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A Fabulous Foodie’s Ultimate Guide To Eating In Rome

By | source:Here Sep 16th, 2018

When I think of Italy, I instantly think of their cuisine. The pasta, the desserts, the wines. Everything about Italy’s culinary delights makes me want to experience it for myself. Do you have your plane ticket ready? Here’s your guide to eating like a local in Rome.

Italy is known to have the best pasta in the world. If you want an authentic pasta dish from Rome, you must try Amatriciana pasta. It’s a combination of fusilli pasta, tomato sauce, guanciale (or bacon), and pecorino romano that’s to die for. After you enjoy your pasta, treat yourself to cool cone of Gelato. San Crispino is your ideal destination for the sweet treat. This is the same location featured in the hit novel, “Eat, Pray, Love.”

Alongside Italy’s food comes its food-related activities. If you love the pasta, make it yourself! Attend a pasta making class at Grano and Farina Scuola di Cucina. You should accompany that pasta making class with a wine tasting at L’Angolo Divino. It’s a perfect combination of activities to satisfy your palette.

Your dining experience will change tenfold when you discover all that Italy has to offer. From the excellent cuisine to the sweet treats, to the various wines, Italy’s food will always leave you wanting more. Enjoy your vacation and while you’re at it, eat a slice of pizza for me!