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How Popular Are Mobile Phones Today?

By | source: Jul 16th, 2013

Today it seems as though you can’t even throw a stone without hitting someone that has a cellphone. I can recall a time when cellphones were HUGE and hardly anyone had one. No one would feel good having one of those huge clunkers now.

The cellphone industry has adapted, changed, and GROWN into a huge industry that provides an outlet for communication, not just locally, but reaches out to the entire world. The desire to get our ideas out there, so easily, has taken many people to great lengths to live their life in a way that informs others of almost everything the individual deems relevant in their life. Apps like facebook, twitter, and pintrest allow users to promote their ideas on a broad scale. These apps and the phones allow people to reach out to those they know, used to know, or will know. That is why everyone and their mother is getting in on the trend.

Moms, dads, even grandparents will even get online and reminisce or catch up on all of the things they missed from each other’s lives. Cellphones, in reality, take us all out of the here-and-now; they can ultimately bring us all together and show us so many new things everyday. You can read a book or watch the news; check out the latest movie out on Netflix; look up movie times or write reviews; share an event on facebook; or make new friends. The world is that much of a smaller place.

Cellphones bring out interconnectedness and a medium to express ourselves with. The ease of getting our hands on such technology yields many opportunities and develops our ability to be that much more resourceful when it comes to finding something out.

It’s no wonder that with all of these technological developments the amount of people with a cellphone has doubled and that 2/3 of people worldwide have a cellphone.