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Employee Happiness as a Business Tool

By | source: Jun 20th, 2013

Times are tough for us post graduates. I just graduated in May and I’m still trying to find a job. I’m in the phase of job searching where I don’t even care what I do, just as long as I get job. I’ll mow lawns if needed. Just let me work for you! With that being said, I never even thought about employee happiness until I read this infographic, I just figured if I got a job I’d be happy. But turns out, that isn’t the case.

According to today’s infographic, employee happiness affects the productivity of the workplace, and the overall feelings that employees have about their work. Fixing issues that make employees unhappy can turn the productivity of a workplace around, and can ultimately save a doomed business. When looking for jobs, I will definitely look at the environment of my future employers to see if it is a place that I will feel happy in. I think it will be a step that will positively impact my first big girl job. I encourage you readers talk to your employers to find new ways to make your place of work a more happy and enjoyable place to work! [Employee Happiness as a Business Tool]