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Easter Facts

By | source: Mar 31st, 2013

Today’s infographic is very sweet because it is almost entirely about candy. Unlike Valentines Day, Easter doesn’t mind if you buy yourself chocolate. You’re not desperate and lonely for doing this, you’re awesome. Easter chocolate sales put both Christmas and our beloved Valentines Day sales to shame. In fact, the only holiday known to outdo Easter in chocolate sales is Halloween. What a startling statistic! What’s more, Easter chocolate comes in forms of bunnies and eggs! What could possibly be more interesting than eating the ears off of a chocolate bunny? Absolutely nothing! If your answer was, “Eating Peeps!” you’re disqualified, because Peeps are gross.

Despite my conviction that chocolate is the most important component of the Easter holiday, I do encourage you to come to your own Easter conclusions. Educate yourself on this sweet little holiday. Understand the role that jelly beans, plastic eggs stuffed with dollar bills, and yes, even Peeps play in making this holiday so special. Additionally, it might be wise to celebrate the true meaning behind the holiday. For those of you that think Easter is the celebration of the Easter Bunny’s birthday, you’ve got quite a bit of research ahead of you.

Happy Easter, y’all!