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Easter Candy

By | source: Apr 7th, 2012

Not only is Easter a Catholic holiday, it is also another opportunity for corporate America to cash in the sacred day. Valentines was not even over before Easter candy and pastel colored bunnies and chicks lined the aisles. How much do Americanâ??s spend on the sweet treats that are being blown up in our faces each Easter?

According to todayâ??s infographic, Americanâ??s spent 14.7 billion on Easter candy last year, 70% of that candy being chocolate. Believe it or not, that is more chocolate than what is bought during Valentineâ??s Day. My absolute favorite Easter candy is Peeps. Itâ??s a love my mom and I share. Each Easter I go crazy and stock up to last me half a year. According to todayâ??s infographic, over 4 million of the fluffy goodies are made each day.  This weekend, donâ??t feel guilty about buying Easter candy, both you and corporate America gain from your sweet purchases. [via]