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Drunken Geniuses

By | source: Aug 11th, 2013

They say one or two beers can help the creative process. A bit of booze loosens the mind and let’s our thoughts flow freely, with less of the annoyance of self-censorship. And according to today’s infographic, being able to handle your liquor might mean your IQ is higher.

It sounds foolish, but some of the greatest thinkers of our time have also been drunks. It seems writers in particular have a certain fondness for the bottle. Edgar Allan Poe, Truman Capote, Jack Kerouac, and Ernest Hemmingway all wrote masterpieces while dealing with alcohol addictions. Their brains were apparently too big to handle all on their own. They needed a little help from their dearest friends, Gin and Jack.

Despite the findings of this infographic, please don’t look at this particular study as a promotion for alcoholism. Alcohol addiction is a serious disease. Most of the writers listed above didn’t make it to the age of 60 before they died, with the exception of Ernest Hemmingway.

Today’s infographic indicates that “it is intelligence itself that influences alcohol consumption, not all the things that accompany intelligence.” This study gives us a look inside the minds of the super smart and the drive they have to drink. [Via]